Moving from 1.0 to 2.0: Philosophies and Structures for Change


Track: Design and User Experience
Moving from 1.0 to 2.0: Philosophies and Structures
for Change
Scott Hirsch, Founder, Management Innovation Group
Matt D. Jones, Concept Development Manager, Nokia
Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager, Dell
Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy,
Jeffrey Veen, UX Manager for Content, Collaboration, and Community, Google, Inc.

My Takeaways

• Execute Globally; Stay Local to build a community
• Marketing control is GONE – You can shape a perception of your brand but not its message (see David Hornik’s Viral Marketing session notes)
• The credibility of your brand comes from less control
• Engage in conversation with your “players” (not users anymore) or you are missing the whole point
• The bottom up demonstrates the idea from Top Down Interest
• An Evangelist is both an educator and a cheerleader who may or may not have followers
• Execute or Perish

Changing Vocabularies
• We need to stop using the same 1.0 language. It’s time to embrace the concept of moving from users to “players” or “doozers”
• Be playful with language

The Key to making a transition to Web 2.0
• Have Passion
• Being human, genuine
• Iterate fast and get personal feedback to be relevant

My Notes

“Designers are natural disruptors”
Matt D. Jones – no kidding!

Other choice ideas from Matt:
• Employ “smuggling” if you need to. This means use whatever means necessary to get the idea out; execution is the currency.
• Blue Beard – like the Kurt Vonnegut character; designers need to be able to explain anything to anyone
• Designers can make things interesting if you let them use metaphors and feel free to experiment

Some facts about participation:
• 1% creators
• 9% ???
• 90% viewers

• The old are teaching the young
• Blogs react as things occur
• Mobile space key for google

Web 2.0 is global
• Execute quickly
• Scaling quickly
• Keeping your data free is important
• To grow communities: stay local; reach out in personal way

For example, DELL launched Direct2Dell to have a 1:1 conversation with its customers (aka players)

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